Together we can achieve more

Sustainability is key to our organisation. It is so important that it forms the basis of our style of working. We involve our clients and suppliers in our aim for optimal sustainability. By working together, we can achieve a lot more.

CO2-emission free storage facility

A CO2-emission free storage facility with a roof capable of generating electricity. There is no doubt about it: we take sustainability seriously. Long-term planning, CSR and the QHSE system guide our operation and daily activities.

  • CSR? Of course!

    We take CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) personally. Preventing workplace accidents, material damage and illness within Hulshoff are essential focal points along with managing our environmental impact.
    Our operations, for example, are completely CO2-emission neutral and our lorries conform to EURO6 standards. Moreover, we love investing in people which is why we aspire to long-term relations with our clients, suppliers and, of course, our personnel.

  • QHSE and beyond

    We meet the legal requirements for QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment). We even take this a step farther by creating awareness amongst our personnel. They are involved in solutions in the area of QHSE and their personal health is our priority.

  • CSR as standard for collaboration

    We enjoy working together, but according to our values. Our business relations hold the right permits and conform to all laws and legislation. They respect their employees, the environment, clients and suppliers.

  • CSR – 90 strong

    Our team of 90 personnel members are the Hulshoff trademark. It is important that they take responsibility and initiative, and make a positive contribution to our good name. We provide a good working climate and open communication and focus on the personal development of our personnel.

Our team members are the Hulshoff trademark.

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