Project Relocations

Tailor-made comprehensive solutions

The problem

Relocating an organisation is a complex undertaking. Day-to-day operations often continue, and personnel experiences an increased workload. Relocation requires a customised approach and calls for thorough planning. How is the construction proceeding? When will the office furnishings be delivered? Which unexpected circumstances will you encounter? Not exactly a project to look forward to.

The solution


  • Sustainable Relocation
    Are you interested in moving your organisation in a sustainable manner? This can be achieved with our fleet of 100% electric moving vans. Prevent excessive CO2 emissions and wasted fossil fuels – without compromising quality or convenience!
  • One point of contact
    An experienced project manager will arrange your relocation; from the first quote and contact to the final inspection. Your project manager is also responsible for the coordination of other external parties.
  • Team of specialists at your service
    Installation of your ICT system, assembly and disassembly of office furnishings, or transporting your art collection? We have the right in-house specialist for every job. Their expertise and experience guarantee a successful move.
  • No additional investments
    We provide all moving materials, from boxes to wheeled containers. Taking care of the packing yourself or entrusting this to us? With our coding system, your belongings will arrive at the new location exactly as you left them.
  • Additional custom solutions
    Everything is possible. Whether you require temporary storage of your office furnishings or you’d like to have your computer systems moved professionally, we offer custom solutions for all your needs.
  • You hold the reigns
    Our relocations always unfold according to a playbook that provides an overview of the activities of all involved parties. You can follow your move step-by-step, and you conduct the final, decisive inspection. In short: our job isn’t finished until you are completely satisfied.

Hulshoff takes the complete range of moving concerns out of your hands and offers 6 advantages.

A thoroughly developed plan and meticulous execution of all of our relocations.

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How does it work?

  • From quote to finalisation
    It all starts with a clear, non-binding quote and an experienced project manager. The project manager is your fixed point of contact during the entire moving process; from preparation to the final inspection.

  • Our specialists
    We have a wide range of in-house specialists including a specially trained moving team for transferring computer systems, the assembly and disassembly of system units and the transport of fragile items and art. Moreover, we also have Facility Managers and CAD designers at your service.

  • Move management
    Various parties are involved in relocation projects such as a contractor, ICT firm and a cleaning company. We are happy to take the coordination off your hands by providing a thorough plan, clear communication and efficient guidance of the various parties. You will benefit not only from a shortened lead time, but also from reduced costs.

  • Temporary storage
    We offer storage solutions for surplus furnishings, office supplies and inventory. Each piece of furniture receives a unique code coupled with a description. View your inventory via our website and place a retrieval order. We will then deliver your goods at the scheduled time

  • Transfer of computer systems
    Computer systems are vital for every organisation which is why our specialists disconnect the systems and peripherals at the last possible moment before the move. These are directly reconnected upon arrival at the new location, and we ensure proper cable management.

  • 24-hour service
    We are available to you 24/7! In the event of calamities, our moving team will be with you within 3 hours to begin relocation.

  • Moving materials
    Purchasing or renting moving materials is a thing of the past. We are happy to arrange this for you. You schedule delivery of the moving boxes, labels, wheeled containers and other materials. Have one of our team members guide you in using the products.

  • Packing service
    Taking care of the packing yourself or entrusting this to us? We ensure that all items are transferred in the correct order. Our specialists can completely recode and inventory a warehouse or archive with the use of barcodes. You can also entrust us with the assembly and disassembly of your office furnishings.

  • Final inspection
    We organise the move according to a playbook tailored to suit your needs, including the activities of other parties. This provides us with a thorough overview at all times. Once everything has been put back into place, we will inspect the final result together with you. Our work is not done until you are completely satisfied.