Circular Furnishings

Improving the environment with sustainable furnishings

The problem

Organisations are dynamic; from set to flexible working spaces, internal transfers and reorganisations. This often results in (temporary) excess furnishings, for which only 2 options are usually considered: storage or disposal. Both options are coupled with high costs, loss of space and wasted resources.

The solution


  • Circular furnishings are of high quality
  • It holds its value
  • It looks and feels new
  • You prevent wasted resources
  • You alleviate environmental strain
  • You contribute to additional local employment

Hulshoff collects your old office furnishings, repurposes them and, with this, provides you and your environment with 6 benefits.

Hulshoff’s CSR policy is what eventually tipped the scales.

Municipality of Eindhoven

Circular economy

We believe in a circular economy and prioritise working according to these principles. Our manner of conducting business, building and collaborating revolves around the sustainable mobilisation of people and resources. This was our motivation for establishing a system which significantly increases the sustainability of office furnishings. By innovatively processing products and resources and utilising them wisely, we prevent waste and contribute to an improved environment.

How does it work?

We facilitate your transition to circular furnishings in the following steps.

  • Preparation
    We assess the furnishings on location and determine which qualify for our circular system.

  • Overview
    In our Warehouse Management System (WMS), we provide an overview of which furnishings are immediately or eventually ready for repurposing, recycling or donation. This area can be accessed by authorised users via a web interface and displays information regarding the phase and status of the furnishings.

  • Circular system
    Our circular system offers various possibilities: from direct repurposing to collection and processing into renewable resources.

  • Repurposing
    We place furnishings that you wish to store and which meet all standards, functional, health and safety and quality standards, into temporary storage. We deliver your stored furnishings whenever you need them.

  • Refurbishment
    We provide modernisation for furnishings in need of refurbishment. This includes cleaning of fabric elements, adding cable trays or complete restyling and upholstery. We breathe new life into more than just desks and chairs, though: we also convert TL fixtures and desk lamps to LED lighting.

  • Recycling
    Furnishings that you don’t wish to store or reuse may qualify for recycling. These furnishings are ready to start their new lifecycle.

  • Legio mogelijkheden

    • Used desktops are re-glued, given a new melamine layer and are then ready for reuse.
    • We can create new products with a used desktop such as reconstruction into a new workstation.
    • We create new products from defective products; such as a trendy poof from old carpet tiles.

  • Donation
    We export furnishings to developing countries or donate them to charity.

  • Disposal and CO2 compensation
    Furnishings which are not suitable for recycling are disposed of. This, however, is not the end of a lifecycle, but rather the beginning of a new one. We disassemble and sort the components. The materials can be repurposed following melting and pulverisation processes.


Each product receives a digital product passport that is used throughout its entire lifecycle. The product passport lists the unique qualities of each product: the components, the materials, disassembly instructions, repurposing of the components, the warranty period and the lifecycle.



Engaging social workplaces

We have worked together with a large network of social workplaces for many years. We aim to involve these workplaces with our projects as much as possible. With each project, we collaborate with the respective workplace regarding which activities they are able to carry out.

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