Flashy new colour for our electric lorries

The first electric lorry sporting the new colour was delivered today.

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Hulshoff sells archive management properties to COD.

In December, Hulshoff sold its two industrial properties in Amsterdam and Almere, used to host archive management, to COD....

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First completely electric project relocation in Amsterdam

Cleaner city centre and reduces noise disturbances for residents
• 100% electric relocation of the UvA’s Faculty of Law
• with 3 ...

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Hulshoff sells archive management activities.

Hulshoff, successful family business and manager in sustainable business for 80 years, sells its archive management activities to the Oasis Group....

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Hulshoff launches fully electric lorry

Hulshoff has long since driven with electric vehicles and recently launched their first fully electric lorry, the DuraTruck E 2114....

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