About Hulshoff

An innovative family business

Our family business is driven by more than profit. Passion, expertise and experience, these are our pillars. Innovation is what drives us and has allowed us to provide our clients with the best service for more than 80 years.

Who are we?

Hulshoff, established in 1935, is a family run business, and is a prominent player in the business removals sector. Innovation is our key philosophy and progress and innovation, characterise our working methods. We have a bespoke designed warehouse, located right next the A5 motorway, allowing quick and easy access to all areas of Amsterdam. The warehouse boasts a unique, self-contained energy system, consisting of 3100 solar panels on the warehouse roof, and 1000 kWh of energy storage in reclaimed batteries. 12 electrical charging stations are available for passenger cars and the company truck fleet, this allows the electric truck fleet to be charged from the stored solar energy.

What do we do?

Our wide-ranging services are directed at 3 areas. Our roots lay in project relocations, and we have since expanded to offer advanced solutions for urban distribution and circular furnishings. Every organisation is unique, and so are our solutions.

We prioritise sustainability and take long-term and short-term effects into consideration.

Read more about Hulshoff’s commitment to sustainability.


A business which made its start in 1935 and continues to work on new developments is guaranteed to have a rich history. We experienced 4 turning points.

The 4 significant turning points

  • 1935
    G. Hulshoff & Zoon B.V.

    Hulshoff made its start as moving company and was primarily active with private moves. A growing demand from organisations and institutions spurred our growth to a logistics specialist for the professional market. We continue to develop this specialisation today.

  • 2003
    Archive management

    Due to the increased requirements set forth by the 1995 Public Records Act, a growing number of organisations outsource archive management. With comprehensive solutions for storage, management and maintenance, we are the market manager with Safety first; an intuitive system of security measures, procedures and software solutions. With this system, corporate documents are more secure under our management than within the respective organisation.

  • 2010
    Ready for the future

    Hulshoff actively chose to commit to the long-term with sustainable innovation. Our fully CO2–emission free storage facility in Amsterdam-North was an important milestone in achieving this. This storage facility was the first of its kind to comply with the standards of the 1995 Public Records Act (Archiefwet) and remains unparalleled today. The facility can also generate electricity which is used to power the location and charge our fleet of electric vans. In short: sustainable transport of your archives!

  • 2017
    A new step in CSR

    Hulshoff opened a distribution centre along the A5. Organisations have their goods delivered to this location. We gather the goods and deliver these once or twice per day using our electric delivery vehicles to the relevant organisations in the centre of Amsterdam. A win-win situation for everyone involved!

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